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Roha Pack PLC is one of the leading PET preforms in Ethiopia. Roha Pack supplies preforms to customers in various forms, such as

Our Products



We produce PET (polyethylene terephthalate) preforms for the plastic bottling industry.


We produce a variety of HDPE closures for still water, carbonated water, and carbonated soft drinks.


We produce innovative packaging systems, bottles, and caps for various industries.

Our Premium Clients

Innovative Packaging Solutions

Serve our customers with the best packing innovations, thus saving time and money with reduced wastage of raw materials.

Quality you can trust

Ensuring pet preforms produced with world-class machines and molds.

Excellent Customer Services

Our team are experts in their own right who deliver change to build value for our customers.

We Create Big Things with Big Ideas

As the pioneer in Ethiopia’s PET preform industry, we supply various products to different industries. Our PET preform and PET bottles are impeccable and highly preferred across several sectors. Roha Pack has made an exceptional effort to meet the necessary and fundamental quality standards for global brands.

In the field of creative, flexible packaging. We passionately create and market new packaging solutions for our customer’s brands to deliver value globally. Our highly skilled and dedicated professionals will be exclusively assigned to you to develop your custom packaging projects. Your satisfaction is our topmost priority. Our engineers and designers are experts in their own right who deliver change to build value for our customers.