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Established in 2003, Roha Pack PLC is one of the leading PET preforms in Ethiopia. Roha Pack supplies preforms to customers in various forms, such as bottled water, ready-to-drink beverages, carbonated drinks, detergents, edible oil, confectionery, and pharmaceutical segments. We have cutting-edge technology, hands-on skill, and a high-tech laboratory. We at Roha Pack PLC ensure our customers that all our products meet international standards.

As the pioneer in Ethiopia’s PET preform industry, we supply various products to different industries. Our PET preform and PET bottles are impeccable and highly preferred across several sectors. Roha Pack has made an exceptional effort to meet the necessary and fundamental quality standards for global brands.


A comprehensive and highly-equipped manufacturing unit is a crucial feature of our organization. We use the latest precision machines to provide the best quality for our customers. Our infrastructure comprises departments for research and development, manufacturing, quality control, and packaging. The latest technology and best machines are used to manufacture our bottles, jars, and containers, ensuring they meet international quality standards. Our computer-aided tools, machines, equipment, and advanced resources allow us to meet the bulk requirements of our clients. Our team of experts closely oversees the production process to ensure error-free products. Our products undergo stringent quality checks in our testing labs before being packaged for dispatch.


To render high-end quality plastic packaging materials to the best satisfaction of its customers, enhance shareholder’s value, broaden its product diversities, and widen its customers base through the application of the state of the art technology.


To be one of the leading and competitive plastic packaging manufacturers in East Africa by 2028.

Our Quality


Roha Pack provides pet preforms produced with world-class machines and molds. Our preforms are made under strict quality control conditions, which gives our customers trouble-free production and near-zero rejections, saving valuable time and decreasing production costs.
Roha Pack meets the criteria for a quality management system designed to help organizations meet their demands. Our certifications meet statutory and regulatory requirements. In addition, Roha Pack has been endorsed for enhancing customer satisfaction through effective systems, after-sales service, and the assurance of customer conformity.


Roha Pack strongly believes that safety is a global concern. We believe in the importance of public health and its impact on international trade. In this regard, Roha Pack has a robust Food Safety Management System that meets the requirements of consumers. We are also accredited by the FSCC 22000 2005 for effectively managing its organization’s food and safety and standard packaging requirements.
We at Roha Pack always ensure that our products are up to standard, as safety lies at the heart of our establishment. Global renowned brands such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, and Pepsi-Cola utilize our preforms, which primarily justifies our excellence in the preform industry.


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